Depending on the type, mood and setting of the gig and the target audience, we create our setlists borrowing from the following songs and artists

 Song  Artist
 Ace of Spades  ~  Motörhead
 Bad Case Of Loving You  ~  Robert Palmer
 Blitzkrieg Bop  ~  The Ramones
 Blue Sučde Shoes  ~  Elvis Presley
 Born To Be Wild  ~  Steppenwolf
 Breaking The Law  ~  Judas Priest
 Enter Sandman  ~  Metallica
 Fear Of The Dark  ~  Iron Maiden
 Fight For Your Right  ~  Beastie Boys
 Great Balls Of Fire  ~  Jerry Lee Lewis
 Highway To Hell  ~   AC/DC
 Jailhouse Rock  ~  Elvis Presley
 Johnny B. Goode  ~  Chuck Berry
 Keep On Rocking (In A Free World)  ~  Neil Young
 Killing In The Name Of  ~  Rage Against The Machine
 Paradise City  ~  Guns N' Roses
 Paranoid  ~  Black Sabbath
 Pretty Woman  ~  Roy Orbison
 Rock 'N' Roll High School  ~  The Ramones
 Sharp Dressed Man  ~  ZZ Top
 Soldiers Of Love  ~  Liliane St Pierre
 Temple Of Love  ~  Sisters Of Mercy
 These Boots (Are Made For Walking)  ~  Nancy Sinatra
 Thunderstruck  ~  AC/DC
 Tush  ~  ZZ Top
 Verliefd Op Chris Lomme  ~  De Kreuners
 Wat Is Kunst ?  ~  Noordkaap
 Weeds  ~  Life Of Agony
 Wherever I May Roam  ~  Metallica
 White Wedding  ~  Billy Idol/Sentenced
 Whole Lotta Rosie  ~  AC/DC
 Wicked Game  ~  Chris Isaac/HIM

   Occasionally, we also pillage the village and thrash the scene with these tracks

 Song  Artist
 Back In Black  ~  AC/DC
 Call Me / Children Of The Grave  ~  Blondie / Black Sabbath
 Crazy Train  ~  Ozzy Osbourne
 Digging The Grave  ~  Sentenced/Faith No More
 Electrifying  ~  Grease/Spoiler
 Everything About You  ~  Ugly Kid Joe
 Foorwijf  ~  CPeX
 Go With The Flow  ~  Queens Of The Stone Age
 Hallowed Be Thy Name  ~  Iron Maiden
 I Only Want To Be With You  ~  Dusty Springfield/Volbeat
 Jailbreak  ~  AC/DC
 Let There Be Rock  ~  AC/DC
 Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock 'n' Roll)  ~  Rose Tattoo
 Oh Darkness  ~  Admiral Freebee
 One  ~  Metallica
 Paint It Black  ~  The Rolling Stones
 Riff Raff  ~  AC/DC
 Sabotage  ~  Beastie Boys
 Suck My Energy  ~  Channel Zero
 Surfin' Bird  ~  The Trashmen
 Symphony Of Destruction  ~  Megadeth
 The Hellion / Electric Eye  ~  Judas Priest
 There Will Be No Next Time  ~  The Kids
 Whiskey In The Jar  ~  Thin Lizzy / Metallica
 Total of 56 songs